Make Your Holidays *Sparkle* with a Festive Banner

Are you hoping to receive something sparkly for Christmas this year? Set the mood with this glittery banner, which you’ll learn to create with this step-by-step tutorial. When you’re done, hang it up on your walls and go ON and ON about how much you LOVE sparkly things on the walls and elsewhere.

When planning your banner, go through your stash of Die-namics and get reacquainted with some old favorites. With banners, more is more, so grab your favorite doily, alphabet, border, and accents, and cut enough of each to cover each panel of your banner. If you’re feeling super enthusiastic, you may want to spell out CHRISTMAS… but keep in mind you can make a beautiful banner with even the shortest of words, like JOY.

Figure out what word you are going to spell, and base your die-cut pieces on that. For the “MERRY” banner there are seven panels, and this list is based on that; adjust as needed. Here is what you will need to die-cut to create your banner. Keep in mind, you can substitute similar dies and achieve an equally beautiful result. For the large banner panels:
  • Using the three largest sizes from the Jumbo Fishtail Flag STAX die, die-cut seven of each size in three different colors of card stock or patterned paper. (for a total of 21 banner panels)
  • Using glitter paper, die-cut seven each of the Snowflake Doily and the largest snowflake in the Snowflake Splendor die set.
  • Die-cut 14 1/4″ Rosettes from card stock or patterned paper.
For the mini banners:
  • Using the Mix & Match Banner Die-namics, die-cut eight fishtail banners.
  • Using glitter paper, die-cut seven of the smallest snowflake from the Snowflake Splendor Die-namics.
For the decorative accents:
  • Die-cut the letters needed to spell a festive word using the alphabet dies of your choice.
  • Die-cut all the pieces needed to assemble a poinsettia. (flower, leaf, center)
  • Die-cut holly leaves and berries, or the accents of your choice.
Now that the die-cutting is all done, let’s get started and create the banner!

Trim 1/4″ from the long edge of all the rosettes and assemble.

Not sure how to assemble the rosettes? Check out the how-to video HERE, or click play below.

Let’s assemble the banner panels. Adhere the three layers of each banner panel together. Adhere the scalloped border to the top of each banner piece and trim off the excess. Adhere the doily in the center of each layered banner.

Adhere a snowflake on top of each rosette and then adhere the finished piece on top of each doily.

Adhere the letters to the interior banner panels with foam tape.

Decorate the two remaining banner panels with a poinsettia and holly and berries. Decorate the small pennant pieces by adhering the small snowflake to them. Thread the buttons with hemp cord and tie a bow and then adhere them to the small snowflakes.

Arrange the banner panels in the correct order, starting and ending with a small banner.

Flip the banner panels over, face down, maintaining the correct order.

Make a 1″ loop using heavy jute cord and secure with tape; apply a heavy bead of hot glue to the back of the first mini banner and quickly adhere jute cord in hot glue; allow to set and cool. Run a heavy line of hot glue on the first large panel and quickly adhere the jute cord. Leave about 1/4″ between the panels to allow for draping when hung. Adhere the jute cord to the rest of the panels in the same manner until your banner is complete.

All that’s left to do now is hang it up and enjoy… and don’t forget to continually comment about how much you ADORE sparkly things. ‘Tis the season!