Just Add Color: April 2018

We so enjoy our Release Countdown each month – our team never fails to inspire us and we love seeing your enthusiasm and reading your ideas for using the new collection. We want to extend that excitement past release night with even more opportunities for the designers to blow us away with their creativity and ingenuity.

We start TODAY with Just Add Color. So many of our stamp sets feature images that invite color — from markers and pencils to watercolors, our designers are itching to show off their coloring prowess and innovative techniques.

Handmade card from Torico featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Torico’s take on our Just Add Color challenge this month is so unique and beautiful! Her soft pinky-peach monochromatic palette evokes a charming storybook feel. It’s a much different look from most of the samples we’ve seen with this Birdie Brown set so it really stands out! The soft color wash look is such a great choice for this rainy day image!

Handmade card from Joy Taylor featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Joy also took a monochromatic approach. Her too-cute turtle is rendered in shades of grey — that allows her rainbow, showcased in a peek-a-boo window, to share equal footing while still complementing her theme…he’s not feeling his best right now but when he’s on the mend, I’m sure he’ll return to his vibrant self!

In addition to Just Add Color, we have our first release class video for our April Release. Color can be added to your projects in many ways…including adding color to your envelopes! Our new Envelope Buddy Stencil provides the ability to add perfectly straight, perfectly spaced address information to your envelopes leaving room to create a sweet little scene to color. You can use it for masking to add spot color to your envelopes as well — talk about creating a complete package!

Handmade card from Stephanie Klauck featuring products from My Favorite Things #mftstamps

Download the class PDF HERE. Watch our first April Release class video HERE on Youtube or by clicking below.

You’re already feeling inspired, right? Brace yourselves because we have so much more to share! Check out what the rest of the team has created in response to our Just Add Color challenge below!

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Comments (4)

  • Robin Ridpath


    Thanks MFT! I love this Just Add Color feature. It’s great to see what the designers keep coming up with. I really appreciate the designers that list the colors that they have used. It helps give us beginners a place to start.


  • Kim


    Stephanie, do you know if your envelope would need extra postage since I’m pretty sure that becomes a non-machinable piece of mail. The postal machines read from the bottom right up to the left and the first thing they expect to see is a zip code. I’d probably put extra postage on an envelope that was decorated in the bottom right corner.


  • Séverine


    Stunning cards!
    Such a fun and original way to use these stamps!