It's WUW at MFT!

Our WUW Hook-Up will help you get active with Who’s That Girl!

This bundle includes Gone to the Dogs, Goin’ Places and Let’s Go for a Walk!
And after all that GO-ing, help Who’s That Girl? relax with Serenity Now!

Retail of the 3 sets is $49.85, but with the bundle, you get Serenity Now! FREE of charge!  But wait…there’s more! (I am SOOOO cheesy, but I love saying that!) The real WUW Hook-Up is that the bundle is also on special, today only, for $45!

Should you already have one of the sets included in the bundle, you can choose to switch it out for:
Congrats All Around

Merry Christmas?

Bundles of Bouquets

Going to the Chapel

In the comments section of your order, list what you would like to remove from the bundle, and what you would like to include from the sets above. Simple, huh?

There will be a WUW Challenge today and a HTDT? tutorial, so check them out and get inspired with MFT!

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