Ingenious Inking: Mixed Media Madness


Mixed media can be a little intimidating – once you begin piling up different textures, patterns, and colors though, you quickly realize how forgiving, and exciting, it can be. Mixed media projects are the perfect opportunity to experiment with the capabilities of your supplies and explore your creativity so this month, we’re using Hybrid Inks – the perfect choice for mixed media applications with it’s quick-dry, no-smudge formulation.

Mixed Media canvas from Kimberly Crawford.

This 4″ x 4″ wonder will bring some cheeriness to the dreariest of days. A mix of Lemon Drop Hybrid Ink, Sheer Sparkle Glitter Glaze, and Embossing Paste creates an ideal combination for lighting the way to mixed media perfection while a wash of Blu Raspberry Hybrid Ink creates a delightful sky backdrop. There’s so much more inspiration to discover though:



Do you like what you see? Hybrid Inks are such a valuable resource! Whether you want to stock up or try them for the first time, now’s the time! Save 15% on all Hybrid Ink Pads and Refills between now and March 26 with code HYBRID.


Keep on clicking to see how others on our Design Team interpreted this month’s challenge.

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