Important Information About Our New Website

Here’s how to get started with our new site:If you are not able to see the site, please clear out your cookies and cache.  Your computer internet history may be pulling old information from our previous site making you unable to view the new one.  You may also want to try typing into your address bar rather than clicking a previously bookmarked link.

Visit mftstamps.comand click the “My Account” link.  You will need to request a new password by clicking on the “forgotten password” link.  You will then enter your email address and click the “continue” button.

Passwords may take up to 24 hours to be received.  We are limited to 5000 emails a day, so requesting more than one password will back the system up even further, and deactivate any previous requests so that when you do receive a password, it will not work.

When you receive your new password, you will log in using that password.  You are then free to change your password to anything of your choosing in your account information.  All of your previous order history should be listed on the new site for your convenience.

You will also receive an email stating your account has been activated.  This simply means that any previous order history has been transferred to the new site.  Our site does not store any personal information and there is no security concern.

Highlights from the new site:

We’ve been hard at work for MANY months to bring you the ultimate shopping experience.  Here are a few new features that are sure to please you:

  • When an item is added to your cart, a pop-up box will appear, but you will not be directed away from the screen and product you are currently viewing.
  • When your cart reaches $60 and you qualify for the Triple Scoop, a pop-up box will appear letting you know and directing you to where you can find it to be added to your order.
  • When your cart reaches $150 and you qualify for the Cherry on Top promotion, a pop-up box will appear giving you the coupon code you will need to enter at checkout to save $15 on your order.
  • When an item is out of stock, there will be a “notify me” button that you can click and enter your email address.  You will be emailed when we restock that item.

There are MANY more features that you will find, and love in your new home, and as usual, please email me if you need me @

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