Hhhhheeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeee’s ??

FIrst things first - #47  Lauralynn… You win the prize package!!!!  Send your addy to kim@mftstamps.com, and I will get them out asap!!!

Now, what’s up with the title you ask???  Well, July 2nd marks our new release AND our 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!!  We’ll be announcing all kinds of fun birthday stuff in our Member Company forum on SCS, so stay tuned!

One of the cool things that July will bring is a CHARACTER!  Uh huh!  Some one/body/bunny new!!! 

I have wanted to introduce a character for soooooooo long, and the development of this one was truly one of those head-slappin’ DUH moments.  

I started thinking about it late last year, since as most of you know I am in love with Sprinkle and Poochie from TCP.  Think, think, think….It had to be something no one else had……it had to have personality and be able to be in different situations/acting in different roles…had to be something Christy Beckwith would enjoy drawing….think, think, think…then in March, while Alma and I were touring Boston we wandered into a tea shop and BAM!  Just like lightening!  The idea was there!

I won’t spoil the surprise just yet, especially since MFTeasers will begin on Monday! 

But, to start the celebration RIGHT, let’s have another round of blog candy, playing for ALL the July releases!!!!  And if you liked June’s, I promise you will LOVE July’s!!!!!

Leave a comment below and I will select a winner next Wed. morning!

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