Happy Birthday Craphead!

I have only one true Craphead in my life, (she swears Craphead is an affectionate term of endearment, but sometimes I wonder…) Cammie.  This will most certainly be her birthday card this year, as it is fitting. (You should ALL ask her for a pic of the lovely and tasteful bracelet we gave her) Here is a look at the inside sentiment…part of which came from You Take the Cake, and the other part from Twisted Too!  Surprise!  That’s what we are releasing tonight at midnight, and why you are hopping along the blog trail right now! Next up on your hop is Tammy Nichols, a friend I made while on the stamping cruise in October, and a HOOT to spend time with!  She and her mom totally made the cruise for Alma and me.  We had such a great time with both of them, and I am so glad we met! I had a little contest running the past few days to see who could tell me the set we were releasing tonight, and also the two new exclusive MFT products. There were a handful of correct guesses, and they all went in a pool to win.  Emma randomly chose the winner, and without further delay…..Theresa Momber, it’s YOU! Theresa correctly guessed that we were releasing Twisted Too, and that the new products were….pause for effect….6 x 6 Paper Packs!!! Yes!  Actual Paper Packs, in the same Spring and Summer patterns as our digi papers.  The patterns have been made smaller, specifically for card making, and I am THRILLED beyond belief to have them! Here is a thumbnail of the Spring and here is the Summer. Each pack contains 5 sheets each of 5 different patterns, for a total of 25 sheets.  They are conveniently bagged instead of bound. No ripped papers or sticky residue, all for $5.95 a pack. I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to be able to offer something no one else has, and something I am overjoyed to get to play with.  It’s like giving birth, only without the pain and screaming infant! Happy hopping…and there’s another, even more colorful, surprise at the end….hop at your own risk.