Google Reader Alternatives – Part Two

With the announcement that Google Reader would be shutting its doors on July 1st, the thought of finding a new reader may sound daunting. Worry no more! We are back today with the second of three blog posts focusing on great alternatives to Google Reader. You can read our first installment focusing on Feedly HERE. Today we are shifting our focus to Bloglovin’. Bloglovin’ is a very similar experience to Google Reader and is user friendly. Creating your account with Bloglovin’ couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up with your Facebook account. Bloglovin screen shot 1 You can also import your existing subscriptions from Google Reader, but note that importing your existing subscriptions must happen before July 1st when Google Reader closes its doors. Blogloving Screen Shot 2 Importing your existing subscriptions is simple. It only takes a few minutes. Bloglovin Screen Shot 3 Finally, take Bloglovin’ with you on the go with their free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Bloglovin Screen shot 4 I hope the information we’ve presented is helpful as you explore your options for Google Reader alternatives. Don’t forget to join us next Thursday with our last Google Reader alternatives blog post.