Google Reader Alternatives – Part Three

Welcome back to our third and final post focusing on Google Reader alternatives. Google Reader will be shutting its doors just a few days from now, but there is no need to worry as we are here to provide you with great alternatives to Google Reader. If you’ve just happened upon this post, you can catch up by reading our previous posts on Feedly and Bloglovin’. Today we are focusing on The Old Reader. The Old Reader is the MOST LIKE Google Reader, in my opinion, and is very easy to navigate. However, if you want to import your Google Reader subscriptions to The Old Reader, the set up is a little more complicated than Feedly or Bloglovin’. I will walk you through my set up of The Old Reader so you can make the decision on the best reader for you.  But please note that you MUST import your existing Google Reader subscriptions before Google Reader closes its doors on July 1st. So let’s get started! In The Old Reader you can sign in using Facebook or Google, or simply register to set up an account. I signed in using my Facebook account.

download  Once in, you can add your favorite subscriptions.

download (2)To import your existing Google Reader subscriptions, click on the import button on the upper right hand portion of the screen.

Old Reader 1Once in the Import screen in The Old Reader, it will prompt you to download an OPML File to import your existing Google Reader subscriptions. To create the OPML File, you will need to go to Google Reader, click on the settings tab in the upper right corner (the gear shaped icon), then scroll down and click on Reader Settings.

download 3-1Next, you need to click on the Import/Export tab at the top of the page. download (4) Go to the bottom of the page and click on the Download your data through Takeout link. download (5) Clicking on the Download your data through Takeout link will take you to Takeout. Takeout will create your Google Reader archive. This will take just a few minutes. When the grid turns red the file is created and you simply click the CREATE ARCHIVE button at the bottom of the page. download (6)Clicking the CREATE ARCHIVE button will take you to the following screen. Here you will want to download the zip file to your desktop and then extract the files. download (7)

Next, you will want to return to the Import screen on The Old Reader. This is where you will import the OPML file you created in the Google Reader settings.  Click the Choose File button and find the unzipped folder you downloaded. In that folder will be a file labeled subscriptions.xml. This is the file you want to choose. Simply click on subscriptions.xml and then click the Import button. In a matter of minutes all of your existing Google Reader subscriptions will transfer to The Old Reader!

Import The Old ReaderWhen the transfer is complete your screen will look like this. download final If you click on the All Items tab on the top of the left sidebar, the feed will look just like Google Reader. Full page If having the ability to read on the go is important to you, then The Old Reader may not be the choice for you as they do not offer a mobile app at this time. I hope the information we have provided you over the last three weeks on Google Reader Alternatives helps you make an educated choice on the reader that is right for you!