Goodbye little guy…

Meet Houdini…aka Hoodster, Hoodalacker, or any one of a hundred funny nicknames.  He is our beloved pet rat.  Yes rat.  Put aside for a moment that he’s a rodent, and just think beloved pet.  

Houdini came into our lives in an odd, and fateful way.  While heading upstairs to go to bed last Thanksgiving night, through our large window that overlooks the front yard, I saw a little white scurry at the edge of the road, and that little white scurry sharply turned and walked up our driveway.  Of course I had to investigate!  He promptly walked into our hands when we placed them on the concrete of the driveway and into our home he went!

Brianna and I have had many pet rats over the years, they are clean, nesting (no flight risk means no chewed wires and mad escapes like hamsters), and very loving animals.  But there has never been, and never will be, another like Hoodster.  He was truly a lap dog in a rodents body.  You’d walk into B’s room and he’d hop to the top of his cage nudging at the door at the top of the cage wanting you to open it.  Then he’d put his head up and close his eyes for a long petting session!  He literally would curl up in your lap and hang out for hours.  He was, truly, a loved and loving family pet.

As rats often do these days (since they are bred for food and not as pets) Houdini developed a tumor which went from grape to golfball in 3 days.  After a trip to the vet to confirm cancer and see what our options were, we were saddened to hear that that form of cancer he had was quickly replicating, and even surgery to remove it would be at best a very short term solution.

Yesterday we took Houdini back to the vet and had him put to sleep.  His tumor in another 3 days had doubled and the light in his eyes had turned to tiredness.  Today we will of course have his “service” as we do with any animal transistion, to say goodbye and allow the girls a chance to grieve.

So, while I know this is a personal post, and has nothing to do with cards or stamps, I wanted to share with you a little piece of our lives and our hearts, and say goodbye to a little love…

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