Good fun and great news!

First the fun news…  See that cute little watermark???  It was created by Sara Williams and I am in LOVE with it!  She also created a cute little signature, and as soon as I figure out how to use it, you will see it too!  Check her out!!!!  The card isn’t new, but I had to play around with the watermark, so thought it would work quite well.  The rest of the DT has fancy new watermarks as well, so be on lookout! 

Second, the GREAT news!  We are SO gonna reach that goal (for the Rayburn’s) and might even exceed it by a bit!!!!!  So many of you are sending in checks, requesting your portion of the sale also go to the family, coming up with new ways to raise money that there’s no way this goal won’t be met!  Doesn’t that make you feel terrific????  YOU will help put TWO kids through COLLEGE!  Do you know how big that is?????  Give yourselves a huge pat on the back! 

And give an extra one to Miss Gina K. who brought awareness to this cause by making an announcement on Splitcoast AND by placing an order!  Kudo’s to one of the most wonderful woman I’ve never met!  (But will very soon!)  You might wanna check out her SCS forum, as I think there’s a new release right around the corner, and from what I’ve seen it’s a MUST have!  Huge hugs and thanks to THE BEST, most wonderful, most supportive group of women in the WORLD.  Bar none.

ETA: Sara installed my fancy new siggy!!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!