Gifty Gusset Bag Topper

Hi all!  I’ve added a few new products under Perfect Packaging, Perfectly Clear Gusset Bags and Boxes!  With the holiday season QUICKLY approaching, it’s time to start thinking about gifts.  And even when the Holidays aren’t approaching, there are still a million birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings and such that need to be made.  Sigh.  I’m already overwhelmed!  Today I’ve created a birthday gift using a Perfectly Clear Flat Bottom Gusset Bag, and I thought I’d show you how I did it!  It was super simple, and I think could easily take the place of both wrapping the gift and adding a card, so think of it as a two for one!

I cut Sweet Tooth cardstock (by the way, the cardstock I ordered a few weeks ago has FINALLY shipped, so it will be in next week!) into a 6 x 7″ piece and scored in the center at 3.5″.

I stamped both a half sheet of white tissue paper and my bag topped in the swirl pattern stamp from Rainy Day Friends using Aquatic Splash ink.  I then dotted random centers with some red Stickels and set aside to dry.

Here’s a close up…

Then I stamped, colored and cut out my Ben.

I glued a magnetic disc on the back of Ben.  Here’s a good tip – since my idea was to make this so it could be used as a refrigerator magnet once the gift was given, I made sure I used the disc on the correct side (positive or nagative) so it WILL stick to the fridge!  So, play with your magnets before you adhere them!

I always cover my magnets with a white scrap of paper.  Why?  Because the pull of the magnet is stronger than the adhesive on the magnet and the magnet will always pull away from the paper and stay attached to the other magnet piece.  Which means lots of torn paper!  So, just glue a white scrap on top, and your troubles are over!

I created a name panel using Bling Bet, and attached it to the topper panel.

Once I knew where I wanted my Ben magnet to be positoned on the topper bag, I placed a magnet on the underside of the topper bag to keep him in place!  I then added the white scrap on top of this as well.

Here is my finished gift!

Here is the magnet “in use”!

Have a great Friday!