Getting Inky with Our New Hybrid Formula

We’ve talked about our new Hybrid Inks and the characteristics that make them unique. Now that they’re showing up in your homes and studios though, we can begin to explore all of the different ways that they can be used in your crafting and memory keeping projects. We have one of our very talented Creative Team members, Kimberly, here today to share her experience with the inks so far. Print Hello! Kimberly here and today, I am so excited to share project ideas with you using the new line of Hybrid Inks from MFT!  I am already a huge fan of the bright, vivid colors and the moment I received the new inks, I took them out and started playing. Today I am going to share a few of those ideas with you, but stay tuned, because I have so many more ideas to share soon!

ink with copics

First, the basic use, the big question, the one we are all asking, can we use the Hybrid inks with Copic Markers? Yes! I stamped my Pure Innocence image with Black Licorice Hybrid Ink on the Blending Card. It works perfectly with Copics!

ink with watercolors

The Black Licorice Hybrid ink works for watercoloring too. I used Smooth White Card Stock and stamped the same image, but this time, I used a waterbrush and regular ink to color the image. No bleeding from the Hybrid Ink – none at all.

watercolor over ink

watercolor over ink 2

Then I really started experimenting. For this example, I stamped the flowers in Black Licorice Hybrid Ink, along with the sentiment. I washed over the top with watered-down inks and a paintbrush. No bleeding of the black Hybrid ink. And it kept its original intensity of color!

blending in on background

blending in on background 2

Using a cosmetic sponge, I applied Blu Raspberry Hybrid Ink and Sour Apple Hybrid Ink to Smooth White Card Stock. Then I stamped the Sheet Music Background with Blu Raspberry Hybrid Ink on top. My final step was to stamp the flowers and sentiment in Black Licorice Hybrid Ink. Pure happiness from me! The layering is beautiful with the vibrant colors, but the black stamped solid.

ink on vellum

ink on vellum 2

Then I moved on to stamping on come different surfaces. Vellum worked well. I inked the image with Sour Apple Hybrid Ink and Grapesicle Hybrid Ink, then stamped the vellum. Several of the flower stems were stamped second-generation, meaning I didn’t re-ink between impressions.  The color stayed vivid and held up well on the vellum. Because of the surface texture of the vellum, the Hybrid Inks need to be heat set with a heating tool. A few seconds worked fine. I could easily see the Hybrid Ink appearance change from wet to dry.

ink on wood

ink on wood 2

Next I tried wood veneer paper. This paper comes in sheets, but the wood veneer shapes we all have in our stashes would take the Hybrid Ink in the same manner. Strong, bright, vivid, and not much bleed. If you notice on the right hand flower, I used two colors of Hybrid Ink: Red Hot and Orange Fizz. I think the colors blended well together and will make the rock and roll technique very viable with these inks.

ink on acetate

ink on acetate 2

Acetate took the ink well. I applied the ink pad directly to the clear piece of plastic. Then, because of the slick surface, I heat set the inks. Finally, I stamped the flower and sentiment in Black Licorice. I am impressed with both the color and the detail that still remained in the sentiment.

ink on glassine bag

How about a glassine bag? How fun to stamp a pattern onto one using the On the Diagonal Background. You’ll definitely want to zap it with some heat to set it but once you do, awesome! So many fun possibilities with this technique.

ink on canvas

ink on canvas 2

This is a piece of canvas, sticky-back canvas to be precise. I started by applying Blu Raspberry Hybrid Ink and Sour Apple Hybrid Ink to the surface with a sponge. It went on very smoothly. I was also able to layer the colors, adding more depth where I wanted. These two colors also blended well where they met. Once heat set, I stamped the flowers and sentiment in Black Licorice Hybrid Ink. Again, I achieved crisp images and super detail.

ink on fabric

ink on fabric 2

Being curious about other fabric possibilities, I grabbed a white baby onesie and stamped it. I used Blu Raspberry Hybrid Ink to stamp the elephant and Lemon Drop Hybrid Ink for the stars. I heat set the ink before washing and drying the shirt. I love the results! The ink showed up well and stayed in place. Again the key is to heat set. I have to say that I am very impressed with these inks! They have wonderful color and staying power on whatever surface you stamp on, provided you heat set them as required by the material. I know that I will enjoy discovering new ways to use these inks. Who else is ready for more colors? I am!