Friday Feature – MFT Kits

Happy Friday all!!! As you know, the January 2010 was our last MFT Kit.  We’ve simply been too busy to design more.  Which is a good thing…  :) I thought since we have a few I Want Candy and Bath Time Kits left, I would offer them at a VERY special price this weekend.  How special?  How about a 40% savings! There are a handful of each left, so if you are looking for a summer project, or a gift for a stamping buddy, these Kits can be yours for $15 each! The product descriptions will give you all the goodies contained in each Kit, but here are some pictures of exactly what you can create using them. Isn’t this sweet!!!  And just in time for party season and summer gift needs! Have a great, safe weekend and I’ll be back Monday with a new Fab Friend!