FREEZE Frames – Jolinne – Sprinkles on Top, Flapper Doodle – Hotsy Totsy Birthday, Flappers in a Vespa, Goofy For You

I have to admit that today is MY favorite FREEZE Frame day for our August 4th Release as we are introducing a new character in the MFT Family!  I’ll go over that in just a minute..

Jolinne has become a signature character for MFT now, and each month you’ll find her doing something fun and different in her very special way.  Jolinne is such a heartwarming character, with those big, beautiful eyes that draw you in and want to make you part of her world.  She’s young, but not too cutesy.  Sophisticated while still maintaining innocence, which makes her truly something special!  This month she’s celebrating birthdays and any occasion that calls for cupcakes in Sprinkles on Top.

Can’t you feel the SWEETNESS??  There are two sentiments included with this set as well.  Total must have…but I am biased…

Speaking of bias…  I am beyond excited, beyond over the moon to introduce you to Eloise and Ramona, the Flapper Doodles!!!  I have been wanting to debut them for almost two years, and apparently, pestering (nicely, but with some desperation) works as the amazing Illustrator finally agreed to let me bring these to the stamping world!

They are a perfect size for stamping, extremely easy to color and offer something completely different to both the stamping community and the MFT family.

They are SO unique, SO different, SO amazing and I am…wait for it…SO excited to share them with all of you!

Each Flapper Doodle set has its own unique packaging, and all the sentiments and font style are derivative of 1920′s  Flapper Speak.  We are introducing 3 Flapper Doodle sets this month.  Meet Flapper Doodles in Hotsy Totsy Birthday.

Hotsy Totsy Birthday comes with 3 sentiments that are as fun and sassy as she is!

Flappers in a Vespa totally cracks me up and makes me smile!  There are 3 fun sentiments included in this set.

Goofy for You also has 3 unique sentiments, and to me, just captures all the juggling we seem to do in our many different roles.  Maybe you’re familiar??  Ramona seems to juggle things nicely, unlike me with balls dropping everywhere most days!

I can not WAIT to show off what the design team has done with these sets!  Only a few more days….


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