FREEZE Frames – Game Night Duo, Fred Bear & the Snow Bear and Ballet Millie

Hello again!  Today I’ve got three previews and I am STOKED to show them off, particularly the first one, Game Night Die-namics & Stamp Set Duo! Here is an idea of the stamp set.  I can NOT even count how many possibilities there are in this set, but I will tell you this.  Jody and I (and Laina!) worked VERY hard on this set, a small piece being a 3 HOUR conference call between Jody and I.  Why?  Because we wanted to make sure this set is applicable to card makers. There’s lots of versatility and fun options of course, but if the end result wasn’t something you’d grab time and again (because it’s filled with useful options) it didn’t matter how cute it was.  So we thunk, and thunk and Googled and worked diligently to create a set that would be INCREDIBLY fun and useful, and we are quite proud with the end result. Now, here’s check out the amazing Die-namic die we designed the set around… Meet our Game Night Spinner die!  It is over 3.25″ in diameter.  The combo retails for $24.95 and is an amazing value when you see all that’s included.  I can NOT wait until you see what the Design Team has been creating with this duo.  ACK!  It won’t come soon enough for me! Next up is Fred Bear busy making a “friend” for himself in Snow Bear.  LOVE him!!!!  He has two sweet sentiments as well. And look who’s back!  It’s Millie and she’s passing her time in absolute joy!  Look at that smile!!!  EEK she’s precious! And now that I know your head is SPINNING (Ha!) with possibilities, I’ll let you go on with your day, dreaming about October 6th when all of these, and many more, can be YOURS!