Freeze Frames: Day One

Welcome to the first day of our Freeze Frames!  We’re getting ready for our upcoming May release on Tuesday, May 3rd!  For the next five days, we’ll have just a tiny snippet of a few upcoming stamp sets.  Then the real fun begins on Friday, April 29th.  Girls, its time to start stashing extra money away for the release because we have been having a LOT of fun getting ready for this release.  Are you ready for just a tiny peek at what comes next?

Our friends the Flappers seem to have fun no matter what they do!  This month, they are heading out to sea in SS Flapper.

Fred Bear is back, and cuter than ever in Fred Bear Plays Indian.

Hope you’ve enjoyed just the tiniest peek at two of our new stamp sets…be sure to check back in every day between now and Thursday for a few more….. Our Designers are busy at work, and I’ve seen some of their samples. Eesh, you’re going to LOVE them. Am I a huge tease or what? Teasers begin FRIDAY!


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