FREEZE Frames Day 2

I hope everyone is ready for more previews!!!  I know I am!  I’m back today with some Emma, Wyatt and PI previews, so be prepared for more cuteness than should be legal!  And remember to mark your calendar for our June 2nd release! Emma is back this month with her own MINI set, and she’s got plenty of kisses to share!  In addition to this main image, there are 5 sentiments, all related to kisses.  As Emma is still little, you can really never have too many little girls kisses, can you?  And I have a little phrase I use when I need an Emma kiss.  I ask her for some “Sweet Sugar Lips”!  I don’t know how or why I started using that phrase, but it was when she was a tiny baby and it’s just stuck.  Now even she knows what to say when I ask “Do you know what I want?”.  She’ll answer “Sweet Sugar Lips!”.  It’s the sweetest thing ever.  Just like her… Wyatt is filled with excitement this month in Wyatt says Wow!  (Must be in response to Emma blowing him a kiss, you think?)  This set also has 5 sentiments that are perfect for all the little boys on your card making list. Cart Full of Friends is one of the new PI sets we’ll be releasing, and she comes complete with 3 sentiments and two “friends” for her wagon.  We’ll demo on Teaser day how to add her friends to her wagon! Isn’t she so sweet with her giant lollipop??  Lollipop Girl comes with this main image and 6 sentiments!  Such a sweet all occasion set, and these girls are just such a breeze to work with.  Watercoloring, Copics, just plain in ink, you CAN’T go wrong! I think this is my fave PI this month.  She’s called Mud Buddies!  She comes with two dit piles, a flower patch and 2 sentiments.  LOVE this set!  I’m seeing lots of tags made for gifts of herbs for friends, or around any flower pot or gift from the garden.  And I happen to know the DT has some amazing creative ideas for her as well!  You’ll see those when Teasers start. Now that you’re full of inspiration for the day, I’ll be back tomorrow with another fix!