FREEZE Frame – Pure Innocence – Bunch of Flowers, Little Angel, Being Cute is What I Do

I am back today with more sweetness than you can handle, with out Pure Innocence FREEZE Frames!  I know this is a day everyone looks forward to, when there’s a glimpse of the new PI sets.  The three I am previewing today will be released on August 4th.

First up is Bunch of Flowers…

She comes with 2 amazing sentiments and more cuteness than should be legal!

Next is Little Angel…

Isn’t she so sweet and innocent!  I LOVE her!  She comes with 2 sentiments, and one can be personalized for all the Mommy’s and Grandma’s in the family!

Last is my personal favorite, Being Cute is What I Do. I hope you’re in a place where letting out a squeal is OK, cause you are going to!

She has just stolen my heart completely.  Sigh.  And, in addition there are 3 precious sentiments.  Good luck passing her by….  :0)


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