FREEZE Frame Day 2 – Fred Bear, Wyatt & Emma

I’m back today with a whole new set of FREEZE Frames for our Sept. 1st release.  Today I am previewing Fred Bear Goes Fishing, Wyatt the Conductor and Emma Plays Mommy.  All 3 of these sets are PRECIOUS! First up is Fred Bear and this month he is braving the outdoors ready to catch some fish.  This set contains the main image shown and two of the greatest sentiments ever!  But I’m not spilling the beans just yet…. Wyatt is a Conductor this month, and even though I don’t have boys, I know several that are completely into trains and this set is PERFECT for them!  It comes with 3 connecting train images and 3 sentiments that are so stinkin’ cute I can barely stand it! Emma Plays Mommy captures the moment that most every little girl experiences, the dream of being a Mommy.  With a baby buggy and bottle she’s ready to go in her pearls (and obviously Mommy’s shoes).  She also comes complete with 3 sentiments that are the sweetest ever! I’ll be back tomorrow with even MORE!