Finally…a project!

Imagine that!  I am actually posting a project!  WHOO HOO!  (And SNORT ‘specially for Carole)  I made this using a little mailbox I’d picked up at Target before Valentine’s Day, and then never made time to do anything with it.  I cased a mailbox tin Joanne Basile made for me, and gave to me at CHA (along with some Hot Tamales!  See why she’s a keeper?).  I put my own spin on it of course, using Hearts Galore and oodles of Heidi Swapp pink jewels.  I wonder how long they’ll stay on there?? 

Here is the pic I promised of Todd and me at the benefit for he and the boys.  The night was truly a celebration and we had a great time.  Todd was very surprised when I handed him his check!  There were beautiful pictures of Tish and the boys are so big now I hardly recognized them.  There was a point during the night that I was watching the boys playing with some friends and was struck by how hard it must’ve been for Tish to let go knowing there was so much in their lives she would miss.  Yes, her presence will no doubt be felt by all, but here are two young boys that will never have their foreheads kissed again, or their hair swept out of their eyes by their Mom.  I pray for them and I pray that I will never know that kind of pain.  I will stay in touch and keep everyone posted on how they are doing.  They are blessed with an amazing support system and now can include all of you in it!  Now I’m off to kiss my own little foreheads and freeze the memory into my head and my heart since they’re only young for such a short time…

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