Feature Friday – How to Create an Embellished Paper Pouch

  Today I have a little treat package for you which I’ve used to package up a home-made cookie. (Yours could be store bought if that’s not your thing, I promise I’ll never tell!) Don’t you think these would be a lovely surprise for your kids in their lunch boxes with a little love note instead of a recipe card? Or what about an informal favor for a friend who’s come over for a cup of coffee?  In today’s video I’ll show you step by step how to make the little pouch from a regular brown paper lunch sack, and then I’ll show you how I embellished the pouch to look like this: The pouch ends up with two openings, so the cookie is tucked in one, and I’ve created a hand-stamped recipe card to tuck in the smaller pocket. I’m working with my favorite recipe Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Smitten Kitchen.  My kids can’t eat nuts, so I substitute chocolate chips and I generally use Craisins for extra flavor instead of regular raisins.  Oh goodness, they’re so tasty, I might have go go gobble up the last few remaining ones (as a crafter, I’m sure I’m not alone in eating my props right?)

Here’s my project start to finish, remember you can find project ideas, tutorials and more on the MFT YouTube Channel.

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