Feature Friday – D.I.Y. Home Decor

Welcome to this week’s Feature Friday. This week, instead of a Video Feature I wanted to chat with you a little about DIY Home Decor.  I love being able to use my stamps, paper and Die-namics to create just the piece I need.  I’m often searching for inspiration on Pinterest, or looking at the decor aisles in Target for inspiration, and thinking about what I can put together from the shall we call it, collection of goodies in my stamping area. A few months ago, I ran across a beautiful whiteboard  created from a pretty piece of patterned paper, a photo frame and a dry erase marker.  And then, as luck would have it, there was a sale at my local craft store and I picked up this frame for only a dollar or so. created this cheery whiteboard which would be great for love notes for your family a reminder to buy milk (I’m always dashing out just before breakfast because the kids need milk for cereal) or to jot down an important deadline. I filled the top of the frame with some bright and cheery patterned paper, and used a ledger paper for the note taking area for readability.  I added the word “notes” which I cut with my By the Letters Die-namics and accented with a Mix and Match Banner Die-namics.  The Botanical Beauty Die-namics was used to create a custom 3-D embellishment.  To use this as a whiteboard, simply write upon the glass with a dry erase marker.

I’ve also got Pinboards full of yarn wrapped wreaths, and yarn wrapped letters.  Before I started paper crafting, I dabbled in knitting, so the texture of this really speaks to me! At the local craft store I picked up a foam wreath and some yarn.  Then, while watching TV, I wrapped the yarn around, alternating between the white and grey in about two inch increments.  Then I got my hot glue gun ready and dug out my stash of MFT Felt and Die-namics.

With so many beautiful Die-namics to choose from, I was able to put together this cozy wreath in about 30 minutes (The wrapping of the wreath in yarn took about another 30 to 40 minutes, so in the time it would take you to watch a move you’d be fully done!)  I love that you could  just switch out the color scheme to make a springy one, or even a fall or holiday themed wreath depending on your selection of felt and yarn. I used the Loopy Bloom Die-namics, Large Rolled Rose Die-namics and the Scalloped Rolled Flower Die-namics for this wreath. Now, it looks like I need to make one more trip to the store, this time for a wreath holder….

So, take a look at your Die-namics and stamps and see what YOU can put together for a little touch of beauty at home, or a really thoughtful, personalized gift. Have FUN and we’ll see you again next week!