Fab Friend Tammy Hershberger

Happy Monday all! Today I am pleased as punch to have Tammy joining us as our Fabulous Friend! Tammy is not only a fabulous stamper, and as sweet a gal as you could meet, she also works for one of MFT’s favorite stores, Toyrifix. Doesn’t the site and smell of a good stamp store just make you smile?? Anyway, onto the nosy questions! What is your signature move? Is there one style or technique that seems to adorn your every creation? It’s hard for me to stay away from using ribbon on everything, and lately I’m obsessed with adding a button and string (naked buttons are a no-no!) on my ribbons, too. It just seems to finish it off so nicely! What’s your favorite MFT set and why? Well, I’m definitely on the Pure Innocence bandwagon… I LOVE those sweet little characters! But I think my all-time favorite set has to be Rain or Shine. Any funny stamping stories? Glitter mishaps?? SPILL! UGH! I have a shelf just above where I sit when I’m stamping, and there are 4 bins on that shelf that hold ribbon. Being a little on the lazy side sometimes, I was trying to avoid having to stand up, and decided to use my trustly metal ruler to nudge one of those bins out to the edge of the shelf one evening, with the intention that it would just gently fall into my outstretched hand. Of course, it didn’t work that way and a whole bin of pink and red ribbons came crashing down, on top of the open jar of embossing powder sitting in the powder pal just below it! Ribbons and embossing powder EVERYWHERE! I still find powder amongst the ribbons! Talk about a mess! Now let’s check out Tammy’s amazing and gorgeous set using Coffee? Tea? and Who’s That Chocoholic! Don’t you love that the coffee cups are a large enough size to make gift tags? It really makes me happy to personalize gifts, and the addition of the gift tag to this coffee mug/chocolate present just makes it, don’t you think? Please make sure you stop by Tammy’s blog and let her know how much you appreciate her taking time to share her creativity, and she *might* just have more eye candy for you!