Perfect Packaging Ideas Unwrapped

With Easter around the corner, wedding season looming, and birthday parties a year-round affair, custom treat boxes are one crafty project that will always be in demand. This month, our design team has created a bevy of boxes designed to provide perfect packaging for any occasion. Think small, think cute, and get ready to pack some pretty parcels.

life saver treat box MFT by Kimberly Crawford

Has someone recently done you a favor or saved you from certain disaster? This project from Kimberly is the perfect way to show them you appreciate their efforts. It’s a handy little design with the added bonus of providing sweet treats whenever the desire strikes.


Are you ready for some more creative inspiration? Our design team has pulled out all the stops in creating a variety of packages that will surely motivate you to think creatively for your next event. Keep on clicking through to each of their blogs to see what they’ve created in response to our challenge this month.