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Shipping Update

I’ve had several customers email me regarding the length of time it’s taking to receive their orders from our release last Tuesday night.  I know that while only a few of you have taken time to contact me there are many of you who may be sharing the same concerns, so I wanted to take a moment to update all of you.

As I mentioned in this post, consistent issues necessitated us moving away from First Class USPS mail, so this release was primarily shipped via FedEx Smart Post.  FedEx Smart Post offers the FedEx real-time tracking, with the last leg of delivery provided by the USPS.  In theory, it offered the best of both worlds; reliable tracking and affordable cost.  In practice it has offered both of those, but has offered a third attribute as well; delayed shipping times.  Many orders that would’ve been received by now via USPS are still in transit.  And while we know that not every customer has been affected, it is our priority to treat each customer as if they are the most important person we will ever serve, and this delayed delivery time is not acceptable.

Going forward, we will not ship orders via FedEx Smart Post.  Instead we will ship USPS Priority Mail (insured) and FedEx Home Delivery.  Both of these methods will offer the transit times you are accustomed to, while still affording the reliability and accountability we need.

I have also received several emails regarding our flat postage rate of $6.50 for US orders, so want to address that as well.  While I understand that it seems expensive when ordering an item or two, I want to go over the thought process behind this charge so you will better understand how we have arrived at this figure.  USPS currently charges $4.90 for a flat rate envelope via Priority Mail, and with our new shipping policy, we are insuring each order that is shipped via USPS, which is a minimum of $.80 per shipment.  The insurance cost goes up in tandem with the amount of products purchased, but again, the minimum charge is $.80 for the insurance Company we use.

We are one of the few Companies that does not increase shipping cost for orders containing card stock even though we must pay additionally to ship these items.  Not only do we incur the cost of each box (which can range from $.40 up), we ship these orders via FedEx Home Delivery which varies between $8 and $12 per order.  Which is also right in line with the Priority Flat Rate Box price through the USPS of $10.85, plus the additional insurance cost.

Rest assured, we are fully committed to offering you the very best in customer service and expedited order processing.  We have also been extremely disappointed in the transit times with FedEx Smart Post.  Brianna made an astute comment today in our staff meeting, stating how very frustrated she was in working so hard to ensure that every release order was shipped within hours (she was at the office at 6am Wednesday morning) only to have it take a week for orders to arrive once they had been shipped.  Please know that while it is not acceptable to you, it is also not acceptable to us.

Please know that this post is not in lieu of a personal email response by me.  It is simply to communicate with all of our valued customers MFT family. :-)

YOU are the most important customer at MFT, and we will continue to serve you the very best way possible!

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Card stock, Ribbon, and Shipping Cost Updates

Hi all!

I’ve got a ton of news to share with you today, starting with the reintroduction of our beloved Heavyweight Card Stock.  We’ve added a lovely traditional Kraft to the line-up as well, so check it out!  What’s even better than card stock?  Well, matching ribbon of course!  We now carry 5 yard packages of grosgrain in matches to each of our card stock colors (including Kraft).  In addition, we have A2 sized envelopes in Sweet Tooth, Whip Cream and Kraft.  We’ve heard from lots of you that you *needed* to have the card stock back on the shelves, so we’ve worked hard to make that happen, and offer even more value by adding the ribbon and envelopes.

Which is the perfect segue into shipping…  We needed to make some shipping tweaks, which resulted in shipping prices being raised.  I wanted to explain why the changes were necessary, and in so doing hope you’ll appreciate that we are doing our best to serve you even better!

We have been experiencing various issues when shipping completely via USPS including lost orders, misdelivered orders, and seriously delayed shipping times, which coupled with the recent postal increase and uncertainty over the future of the USPS forced us to look in other directions.

We are moving to ship as much as possible via FedEx and FedEx Smart Post.  With FedEx Smart Post, the last leg of delivery is provided by the USPS, but ultimately FedEx takes responsibility for the package.  All of the new shipping rates are listed here as well as on the sidebar of most of the pages on the website.

You’ll notice that for orders in Canada and Internationally, there are two levels of pricing available; one for Stamps and Die-namics and one for orders containing card stock and felt.  Simply put, we don’t want to penalize customers wanting to order Stamps and Die-namics only by charging higher rates.  However, should you wish to order card stock or felt, we have to charge a higher shipping cost as those orders are expensive to ship.  If you order card stock or felt and select the cheaper shipping, you’ll be sent a money request for the additional shipping cost and your order will not be shipped until it is paid.

It will take us a few weeks to fully transition to our new shipping method, but will move as quickly as possible so we can continue to provide you with the extraordinary service you’ve come to expect from My Favorite Things.

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