Catch Up with Kim

I really love reading blogs and getting a little glimpse into the lives of those whose creativity inspires me, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t gotten up-close and personal, or behind-the-scenes, in quite some time.  So, today I am remedying that! Recently we had our annual MFT Management Retreat.  I was present along with Jody Morrow, Julie Dinn, Joanne Basile, Laina Lamb, and of course Brianna.  We always do a little work and a lot of play, and we always have a marvelous time.  Here are some highlights from the weekend… After a long day’s work play, pedicures and pampering were in order!  Here we are as happy as clams enjoying some much needed TLC.


Fancy feet all around!

pedis close up

After a strenuous morning meeting session, nothing could’ve refreshed us better than a visit to the Garden Gate Tea Room in Mt. Dora, FL.

garden gate

And once our meetings were done for the day, it was time for a BBQ.  Here are Frank and Jody enjoying a beautiful, balmy, Florida night.

Cookout photo 1

Joanne and Laina posed for this cute shot.  I helped Joanne transform her hair into a Cindy Lou Who look!

Cookout photo 2

On a serious note, although we discussed many planned, important topics, there came an unexpected yet vital discovery along the way.  As we strolled and shopped in different areas of town, we had many customer service encounters, and the majority of them left us very disappointed.  I was alarmed at how badly we were treated from stores, restaurants, and boutique-type shops, many of which were in nicer parts of Central Florida.  While I won’t go into detail (I might be typing for the better part of the day if I were to indulge you in every instance) suffice it to say that it COMPLETELY and TOTALLY reaffirmed our commitment to offering YOU legendary customer service.  And although that may not mean we won’t occasionally falter, and that we may not be able to please everyone, it does mean that it is vitally important to us to do our very best.  We believe that we have succeeded because of YOU.  And we will continue to focus on delivering excellent service, and thank you for every opportunity you provide us to do so.