Bling 'Bet Bounce

Hi all!  As I mentioned in the post below, one of our new February releases is SO unique, we decided to devote a whole day to demonstrate just some of the many ways you can use it.  Jen Del Muro conceptualized this set MANY months ago, and it’s taken quite a bit of work to take it from concept to finished product.  It had to be sized perfectly, with no margin for error, and each revision had to be carefully hand tested to see how the letters actually *worked* in function, not just in theory.

It was Jody’s brainchild to have the Bling ‘Bet Bounce, to really demonstrate the unique possibilities this set has to offer.  When the set goes live Wednesday night, (or shortly thereafter) we will have a pdf downloadable tip sheet with pics and details of the uses featured in the Bounce.

I’m up first, and then you’ll mosey on over to Camster’s blog (my favorite Craphead…ask her to post a pic of the LOVELY and tasteful bracelet we made her…)

I thought it would be fun to create Valentine’s signature books for the girls that they can take to school and have all their friends sign as a longer term keepsake than a box full of Valentine’s.  Also, since B is in high school, they don’t really do a Valentine exchange, so Ithought this would gve her a chance to celebrate the holiday in a more adult way.

I am demonstrating how to use the Professional Touch HotFix Crystal Applicator along with the Adornaments Summer Collection of Crystals.  Be prepared…this is a LONG post!

The pic above shows a 6 x 6 Zutter Bind it All Cover that I have covered with glue.

This pic shows how I smeared the glue to avoid funky glue lines.

I adhered two 6 x 6 papers onto the Zutter fronts. (Note: 6 x 6 papers…stay tuned…)

Here are the covers after binding.

Here is a close up pic of the Adornments packaging, isn’t it sweet? :)

This is the Professional Touch HotFix tool we will carry in the store.

The cool thing about this tool is the on/off switch.  I love that I don’t have to unplug it!

Here is my stamped out *e* and the crystals I’ve laid out to apply.  I prefer to have them all laid out heads up before I begin.

I couldn’t seem to get a pic of how to actually pick up the crystal with the tool, but basically, you pick up the top of the crystal with the 4mm sized barrel, and allow the HotFix glue to heat up for a few seconds before placing the crystal where you want it.  I also keep a pin handy, just in case it gets stuck!

Here is a pic of the finished book for Emma!  Emma’s book uses Spring paper, crystals and ribbons.

Here is Brianna’s finished book!  Brianna’s uses Summer paper, crystals and ribbons.

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