April’s Fabulous Friend – Colleen Schaan

We’re honored to have Colleen Schaan, one of Copic’s Regional Certification Instructors, as our Fabulous Friend for the month of April.  Colleen has a book in publication (due out Mid June) and we’re tickled pink to have her Copic expertise working with our images this month! —- you can read more about Colleen’s book here Before we take a look at some of her work, how about we ask some of our “signature questions” to get to know this amazing artist a little bit better…. What is your biggest stamping regret? “I don’t actually have many regrets when it comes to stamping. I feel pretty blessed to have been able to make stamping and papercrafting into a career and completely enjoy all of the opportunities I’ve had. My only real regret would be not recognizing (or accepting) my own style for a number of years. When I first started stamping, I would compare my work to that of others… and I often felt disappointed in myself because I wasn’t as good as…(fill in the blank). Instead of focusing on the craft and enhancing my skills, I continuously tried to force myself into a box… stamping and designing like many of my favorite crafters. While I liked some of what I did, I didn’t really feel like a genuine designer because I couldn’t identify my own style. I thought I wasn’t any good because I didn’t have a recognizable style. I know now that all during that time I was trying new things and developing my style; trying on different styles and absorbing bits and pieces into my own work. Like anything else… I just needed time (and practice). As time went on, I designed more and more… and what do you know? Suddenly my “style” emerged! The funny thing is that it was actually there the whole time… I just didn’t recognize it (or I did and I tried to change it). My style is pretty simple: basic, clean cuts, even layers, straight lines, crisp layouts, cute, with a touch of whimsey and a little doodle. My advice to anyone… be true to yourself. Take the pressure off and enjoy the process… your own personal style will emerge with time.” Colleen has three amazing projects to share with us today. Up first is an amazing Sheltering Tree beauty – look at all the shading on the tree, and the detail on the owls, impeccable! Colleen also put World’s Best Doctor to good use.  Spectacular use of shadows – check out the shadow cast by the clip-board in particular.  Fabulous! Colleen’s third project with Inspired by Love - gasp, look at those wings, the detail on the heart.  Just brilliant! I’ll have another two projects to share from our Fabulous Friend Colleen Schaan next week.  Till then, be sure to visit her blog Distinctive Touches! If you’re not already following Colleen, make sure to add her blog to your daily reading list!