An UNBELIEVABLE What's Up Wednesday

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Here’s some Spooktacular Work from the MFT DT to get the creative juices flowing!

Who’s That Ghost Flopsey by Barbara Anders

Totally Witchin’ by Jessica Rone

Who’s That Ghost Flopsey, Totally Witchin‘ and Ghoulish Label set by Cindy Haffner

Ghoulish Label set by Kirsten DuBosque (Emma’s future MIL)

This week, we’ve got a dancing triple header!  We went for a lesson on Monday night, have one tonight and also have a group lesson and party on Thursday.

We are “interviewing” another dance studio and thinking about making a change which would put us closer to home, and also save us some money.  You WOULD NOT believe the cost of dancing lessons!  SERIOUSLY.  The get you in with a cheap *introductory* package, and then almost kill you from sticker shock once you’re hooked.  Criminy.  We both looked at each other, and decided the only way we were going to afford dancing was either not eating or selling organs we weren’t using.  The smaller, privately owned studio that is close to us (and by close I mean 25 minutes instead of an hour) is about 50% less than the chain we’ve been going to.  So, it is really worth considering.  We aren’t looking to compete, or anything really fancy, we just want something fun to do, and to do it capably, ykwim??

Wish me luck, and cross your fingers we make the right decision!