A Winner, a Teaser and an IDOL?

Hooga Booga, Chooga Looga, Hooga Booga, Hooga BoogaLoog….  I know this might sound like a bunch of jibberish, but it’s a little song I made up LONG ago for Emma.  I call her Hooga Booga, and so when Stephanie Fizer created these sweet little creatures for this set, that’s what we decided to name it!  Hooga Booga!  (Actually it was at Jody’s prompting, who said “What’s that nickname you always call Emma?”)

This Wednesday, we will be releasing our March sets, you can find out all the deets on THIS thread.  We will also have our Hop Around the Block starting Tuesday night at Midnight EST, so check it out!

The WINNER for our Good Samaritan Treat is….Dawn B.!!!  Please email me at kim@mftstamps.com!

Who wants to be the next MFT Idol?  Why you of course!  Check out this thread for lots of info and chatter, and when you’re ready to AUDITION, link your project HERE!

Supplies used:

Hooga Booga (unreleased)

Spring Paper Pack

Summer Ribbon Pack

Summer Glitter Dot Adornments (unreleased)

Brilliance Black Ink

Peerless Watercolors

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