A Treat Winner!

This beauty was created by Shannan for the November release, and even though I was busy seeing Tina Turner LIVE, the party was a rousing success!  Cammie and Jody did a GREAT job hostessing, and of course as I read back through all the posts, I can see there was no shortage of chatting and fun!

All the November sets are live now, you can check them out HERE and there is still time to take advantage of the Free set offer when ordering the November collection!  Here are some deets about that:

If you purchase the November Collection within the first 48 hours (you have until Friday night at midnight EST) you receive one FREE set! You can choose from:

Gardener Flopsey
Going Places
Gone to the Dogs
What’s the Story
Rain or Shine

Now that’s a SERIOUS bonus!!! You MUST list your set choice in the comments section, and you only qualify for a free set IF you purchase the November Collection before Friday night at midnight EST.

Jennifer Fleetwood is the winner of the MFTreat!  Please email me at kim@mftstamps.com with your addy and I’ll pop it in the mail!!!

On another note, I wanted to take a moment to mention the experience I had while watching the election results Tuesday night, and I want to preface this by saying I am not telling you who I voted for, nor do I want to know who you voted for.  My intention in sharing my experience is one of absolute pride, and has nothing to do with party affiliation of any sort.

When our President elect was announced, I was not prepared for the overwhelming emotion I felt. Not because a particular person or party had won, but because for one moment in time, we, as one nation, under God, were color blind.  I felt a huge paradigm shift, I don’t know how to explain it, but I hope you felt it as well.  Something changed in that moment, for good, and I hope, forever.  In that moment, I sincerely felt our Father, in whatever form or fashion you worship It, was smiling proudly.

I just wanted to share that and hope that some of you also felt it, I can’t be the only sap can I?  I have seriously never cried after an election before, I don’t know that it will ever happen again, but it sure happened Tuesday night!  

Have a great Thursday!

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